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Why thai girls make awesome wives – More than just a pretty face

By Andrew Thomason

Many people traveling to Thailand find the women there enchanting. In both physical beauty and emotional temperament, Thai women make for an increasingly attractive alternative to Western women as both girlfriends and wives. Why is this true?

First, let’s take physical appearance into consideration. Thai women have beautiful almond eyes, unblemished clear skin, and thin physiques. The unique geography of Thailand is conducive to a generally healthier appearance. The humid air helps to maintain clear pores. The fertile land aids in abundant healthy food, allowing everyone to eat natural food diets. In the West, the relatively expensive land makes agriculture more expensive and thus Westerner’s diets often consist of an excessive amount of carbohydrates which leads to being overweight and increases the incidence of diabetes.

Next, let us consider the emotional make up of the two types of women. In the West, the women’s lib women has positively resulted in greater independence for the gender. While this freedom is great for society, negative side effects can also come with the territory. For example, there is an increased tendency to argue between couples. This results in the United States having one of the highest divorce rates in the world, and increases each year. More divorces can typically be found during recessionary periods such as the one that the world is experiencing now due to the global financial institution crisis.

In Thailand, the society is strongly influenced by the pervasive Buddhist religion which is practiced by over 90% of the population. Buddhism endorses harmony, which translates into happier couples with less fighting. Buddhism is so ingrained within everyday society that tourists are often shocked to find monks wandering the streets and collecting their daily meals from total strangers. This is in stark contrast with Americans who are even afraid to eat their Halloween candy!

To find an awesome Thai woman, the best place to look is Thai online dating sites on the Internet. While your first inclination may be to check out nightclubs, you will find it frustrating to differentiate between the good and the bad. In one hour, you can introduce yourself to as many girls as you would in several weeks at nightclubs.

I moved to Thailand from the United States several years ago. After spending years going to nightclubs and meeting friends of friends, I finally tried meeting Thai girls online and had amazing results, both in quality and quantity. is a Thailand-based online dating site. Japkoo means ‘match’ in Thai. We exclusively cater to Thailand only to better focus on helping people to find their perfect match.

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  1. Ryan

    This whole email is just a cheap plug for your website.

    On a contrasting note – I’ve lived in Thailand for a few years now and while here I have met many other (mostly much older) expats living here. My girlfriend has made an honest effort to teach me Thai and I’m reasonably proficient now.

    Usually when we speak to another Thai-Western couple the Thai girl is shocked to learn than I can speak Thai. What happens then (95% of the time) is that she immediately starts a conversations with my girlfriend along the lines of “Why the hell are you teaching him Thai – the more falang that know Thai the harder it is to cheat them?!?”

    This is usually done in a regional dialect/language and as quickly as possible to make sure I don’t understand.

    I have never been to Pattaya in my life so on’t think this is a localised attitude among the types of people that reside in scummy places like that. It’s ingrained into Thai peoples heads – male and female alike – that falang are walking ATMs. Thai people are also xenophobic, generally lacking in common sense and are infuriating when it comes to serious business. The women are born and bred gold-diggers and this is a part of their culture. Many women are looking for a man specifically so she can quit work and sit around fingering her asshole and watching Thai drama on TV all day.

    Thai people (particularly the women) are very shallow and extremely lazy. This makes the fun to be around but don’t expect you girlfriend to help with the bills – ever.

    Thai women make pretty shit wives to be honest unless you are old, retired and have a hard time finding a decent women at home. Hence the reason why there are so many retired old fucks in Pattaya.

    Thai girls aren’t perfect wives – they’re just very easy to come by if you have some money and are only interested in fucking and doing very little else.

    • leon

      ryan you get what you deserve in life
      clearly, you are a loser

  2. Hello To All,

    I have to agree with both observations. However, after several failed attempts, I finally met the right lady who meets all criteria for a great wife and life companion. Admittedly, she is educated, and that does make a difference as compared to previous attempts.

    Of course she needs money, what woman doesn’t? And what man in his right estate and mind wouldn’t give it when it is well earned by the best thing that ever happened to him as God’s gift of grace.

    You can read our testimony here:

    As for the ATM cowgirls, and there are aplenty; they have made a business decision based on the availability of exploitable sub-humans. I don’t blame them one bit, even though it’s not my ‘cuppa-tea’. They really don’t have many alternatives, and their ruined post-modern culture and our Aryan mindsets have pushed them into these horrible corners of grift-fucking for a living.

    But, as Mr. Thomason says, quality of heart, mind, soul and body are there to be found and in superior categories when compared to occidental alternatives. Just be careful as to how you go about it.

    Kind Regards,
    dr omar

  3. phil

    Disagree with Ryan comments because he is generalizing.

    my wife is young, she is now 33 and we met 6 years ago. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We have 2 beautiful kids together, i go work and she stays home looking after the home and family. Never in 6 years have i been asked for money, she is always looking to save money and is a dam good mother.

    Maybe i have been lucky because there are scheming thai women out there but if your fortuante enough to meet a good one then you will not go wrong.

    I met my wife in pattaya who was working in a non bar enviroment.

    • Sawasdee ka Phil, thankyou for sharing your comment. I have to agree…555…if you find a good one you cannot go wrong!! lol, Angella

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