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Trust & Honesty from a Thai perspective – ThailandMusings.ThaiVisa Column

This article on my weekly column at ThailandMusings.ThaiVisa talks about “Trust and Honesty from a Thai perspective” and uses a simple story about Mr Chokdee to illustrate how Thai culture can be very complex.

The article raises many questions and is not meant to answer them all, I just want to show Western people a condition that happens in our society as it is one of the cause of many issues with Thai people but this is our culture and what we are used to it., maybe it seem strange for western and we may not support or agree with it but we do have to live with it.

There are many interesting reactions to this post in the comments section and I think this helps us see the different perspectives from different cultures.

Enjoy the post here:

Trust & Honesty from a Thai perspective

Sawasdee and Kop kuhn ka


Condividi nel tuo profilo Surfpeople

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Bao Bao-just love a little


How similar is Thailand’s class system to England’s.

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  1. Charles

    I am married to a young Thai woman who had been an entertainer. Never really being able to express herself fully because of some of the preconcieved notions about women in that business. Now I suspect with my unknown financing she is fulfilling that dream. My hope and pray is that upon a soon promised reunion. It will have been satisfied and we will be able to continue to grow what to me sounded and felt like, real love. The past two months we recently spent alone, for the first time in the slightly over four years we’ve known each other. Slightly over two years of registered marriage. In July two year birthday of our Temple wedding. Have I been lied to? Most certainly. That is the pathology of any of us, having never had two parents or the time and space to have a childhood. God is also very involved with each and everyone of these Thai to western or western to western marriages. Though not to belabor that. If you want something or some one deeply and sincerely. Then life will act and grow according to those deep and genuine hopes and dreams. No one is exempt from the laws of cause and effect. Call them Karma or whatever you like. The results of them as the casue and effect is also of a subjective not always objective view point. I would like the learned and experienced writers of this esteemed site to ponder and comment on what a man who truly loves his wife and believes she to love him has had to say here. A personal reply would be ever so kind. Not that it couldn’t also be made public. For we are speaking of this in the racial but it is also in the material and physical. Maybe more that than the former. Love somebody sincerely and truthfully enough and the spark of the creator that lives in one and all will not deny you or leave you to hurt and pain. Why didn’t I do this or why didn’t I do that. Money is made by machine. Spirit, who can truly describe, poeticly or otherwise where and why that is over and above all. Thank You and may we all live the life necessary to achieve our hope and dreams and know the mate we need to love the creator with all our hearts and soul.

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