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Thai music ‘More than love’ (maak gwaa rak) by Thai singer Rose Sirinitip

มากกว่ารัก – maak gwaa rak

(More Than Love)

Thai Singer : Rose

This beautiful piece of Thai music is by Thai singer Rose. The lyrics are about finding a wonderful love in your life that fulfills your hearts desire. Rose has such a beautiful and silky voice and the song has a very infectious melody that is easy to remember…Hope you enjoy.

ก่อนเคยเหงา เคยรู้สึกเหว่ว้า
gon koie ngao  koie roo seuk way waa

I have been lonely before

koie mong haa kwaam rak nan man yoo tee dai

I was always looking for love where is it.

โลกใบใหญ่เหลือเกิน มีผู้คนอยู่มากมาย
lohk bai yai leua gern  mee poo kon yoo maak maai

The world is very big and has many people

dtae hua jai man glap ngao keun tuk tee

But my heart is more lonely

dtae meua chan dai pop gap ter

But when i met you

สิ่งที่เธอให้ฉัน -ไม่รู้มันคืออะไร
sing tee ter hai chan mai roo man keu a-rai

I don’t know what you gave to me

โลกใบใหญ่ใบเดิม กลับไม่เคยต้องเหงาใจ

lohk bai yai bai derm  glap mai koie dtong ngao jai

Cause now I never feel lonely in the big world like before

kae chan nan yang mee ter yoo dtrong nee

Just I have you here with me

* เธอเป็นมากกว่ารัก เพราะเธอนั้นคือครึ่งชีวิต
ter bpen maak gwaa rak  pror ter nan keu kreung chee-wit

you are more than love, because you are a half of my life

ฉันใช้เวลาทั้งชีวิต เพื่อตามหาและรอคอยเธอมาแสนนาน
chan chai way-laa tang chee-wit  peua dtaam haa lae ror koi ter maa saen naan

i have spent all my life  to find and waited for you so long

และสุดท้ายก็เจอ ว่าเธอคือทุกอย่างที่เติมเต็มหัวใจ
lae sut taai gor jer  waa ter keu tuk yaang tee dterm dtem hua jai

and finally I found..that you are everything to fulfill my heart

jaak nee tuk lom haai-jai chan keu ter

from now every breath is for you

haak waa ter nan keu kwaam rak

if you are the love

gor bpen rak tee dee jon mai mee kam ban-yaai

such a good love that word can not describe

chaang chohk dee leua gern tee mee ter dern kaang gaai

I’m just so lucky that i have you beside me

chee-wit nan dai dterm dtem sing tee kaat haai

you filled what was lacking in my heart

(ซ้ำ *)

jaak nee tuk lom haai-jai..chan keu ter

from now every breath is for you.


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  1. Paul

    My question is about another song.. I would like to ask if you know who the singer is that sings the song about pour temadar and the northeast

    • Hi Paul
      can you give me a little more detail about this song? I will see if I can find out for you..Kind Regards, Angella

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