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If you are thinking about making your Thai girlfriend your Thai wife then here are some interesting facts for you to consider.

I have been writing a guest column called “Angella Talks” for my friends Steve and Golf at Thailand Musings and recently I began a post about divorce between Thai women and Farang men and so I thought I would add some information about that subject here as well because I feel it is an important and interesting topic.

You know I talk a lot about what is needed to make an intercultural relationship work, it is one of my passions because I see so many Farang men who have a Thai girlfriend and then decide to marry her and they end up in all sorts of problems due to a lack of understanding of cultures. This is from both sides and is largely what this website is about because it makes me sad when I hear the horror stories about Thai girlfriends and Thai wives and their Farang husbands.

For example recently I read about 2 stories of Farang trying to commit suicide because of their Thai wife leaving them, one was a Swedish man and one was an Australian man and both of these incidents happened in Thailand.

I also found out some interesting statistics that show marriages between Thai and Farang are rising at about 10% every year and have been for the past 10 or 15 years in fact. This is positive news I think, even though the statistics also show that about 6% of divorces are intercultural marriages.

The statistics for divorce worldwide are quite  shocking really with the US at nearly 50% divorce rate for all marriages. Thailand at this stage is down the list at around 6% but………we have to be careful because this statistic is only for registered marriages and many Thai marriages are not registered at a district office…something I will talk more about in future post.

As I have said before I believe the divorce rates between Thai and Farang can be helped by having a better understanding between our cultures and taking more preventative approaches, something which I really hope this website and my service can help with.

So remember if you are considering having a Thai wife then try to get a good understanding first of how the cultural difference will affect the relationship, keep coming to this website for more information and tips and celebrate your differences.

Read a step by step process for getting married in Thailand if you are Australian and want to marry your Thai girlfriend: Australian and Thai Girlfriend marriage- Step by Step process for a legal Thai marriage


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  1. samuel


  2. Hi Samuel, thank you for your comments and glad you enjoy my website. Can you be a little bit clearer with more detail as to how I can help or advise you? You can use the email here at

  3. William

    Hi Angella. I have a wonderful Thai girl that I have known for over 2 years and married in a Thai ceremony in August and we intend to legally marry in the US this year when her Fiance Visa comes through if a few months. Like I said, she is a dream and I love her with all my heart as she does me. Her only flaw in my eyes is that she is very jealous of my ex-wife. I do not communicatewith my ex-wife except when it has to do with our grown daughter and that is not very often, but she is still very jealous. Any advice on how to deal with this as she will be coming to the US in a few months and the situation with my ex will seem closer to her.

    • Hi William and thankyou for your comment and first let me apologize for not responding until now but with Christmas and family I have not been replying until now.

      I do understand your problem because jealousy can sometimes take over the mind and can cause a problem. If you can ask yourself honestly whether you have done anything, even if it is completely by accident to make her feel this way then you can make some changes yourself and explain that to her.

      One thing about your situation is that although you fear that when she comes to America the situation about your ex wife could seem worse the other way to look at this is that it could also be better for her because she will be with you all the time and can see the reality of your life. Physical distance in relationships can also play a big part in making the mind think all kinds of negative things and so maybe explain this to her also.

      I have written an article on this very subject of jealousy…please go here as I feel it might help you with your situation

      I wish you much luck and happiness with your relationship


  4. Angella,
    I had a horrible experience with a Thai woman. I met her two years ago and only recently found out that she is a drunkard and a bisexual. I have met many lose women and some from your country. I am not interested in a sex slave or sex partner. What is your advice on how to avoid this kind of situation in the future? After all human, nature is human nature regardless of what country a woman is from.

    I am a counselor and regarding your comment about the men who threatened suicide, that has nothing to do with Thai woman and everything to do with their own low self esteem,in my opinion.

    Yes I want a Thai wife and I also do not want to be held culturally hostage and I do not want to hold her culturally hostage. What is your advise?

  5. jay

    Hello Angella

    I have come across your site just by chance.

    Here is my experience and some questions I seek answers for , from your kind self and I would be extremely grateful for your advice.

    I advertised my profile at a Thai dating website. I got many many interests and I communicated with extensively with a few of the girls. I had made it very clear in my profile, that I was looking to settle down with a serious person and was looking for a girl to fall in love with.
    Having communicated with a few ladies over the net, to prove that I was serious and honest as my profile said, I advised the ladies that I was going to come and see them and see if we were compatible face to face.
    I did not go to Thailand for a holiday or for tourism, but the purpose of my visit was to meet these ladies on respectful terms and nothing more.
    To keep matters simple and to avoid hurting any body’s ego , I did not disclose to any of the ladies that I was also going to meet any other ladies.
    I was happy to visit individual’s towns and check in a local hotel, meet the ladies during the day , getting to know each other and even meet their families , where desired by the person or if the situation demanded.

    Here are my experiences.
    Girl one, she insisted that she was going to come to Bangkok and that she wanted to take me to show me some costal towns, Krabi being one of them.
    She asked me to book a taxi and pick her up from a bus station. We ended up stopping in Pattaya to see her friend to say hello and then she asked if I could book a hotel to stay there as she would like to spend time with her friend too. Initially for one night this turned out to be a 3 night weekend stay, during which , she showed some interest with me, but more to want to go for shopping and going to the beach. I took it all in good faith and in my own true Buddhist/Hindu spirit , let her control her actions and mind my own. I just want to make it clear here that I did not ask and neither did we have sex, because, like I said that I was there to meet a potential soul mate and not some sexual activity holiday.
    I found her saying that she was not a bar girl, who would go out with anybody for a thousand Baht, yet she was wanting me to spend money on food, hotels , taxis, massages, shopping, which ran into thousands . Now this bothered me not because of anything else, but because, according to my mind frame, if she is serious about me then , why would she want to be so frivolous with what would be our money, if we ended up being together, especially when I know that she does not spend money like that herself. Then she had to return to work after three days and it was as if the holiday is over. I got a distinct impression that , it was as if a preplanned paid holiday she had in mind , to see her friend . I am a respectful person with high morals, otherwise, I could have insisted for sexual favours in return, I mean she was in the same hotel room on the same bed for 3 nights in a row.
    Second person, I fly to her town. I check in hotel. I meet her. She did not as such ask to go for shopping but , every time, we were anywhere, be a shop , petrol station, restaurant , I was shelling out the money, not only for her , but also things she would pick up for her friends and family and just place them in the shopping basket. I was glad that I was in her town , so I did not have to deal with the awkwardness of being in the same room as she could return to her home in the evening. One day she took me to her work place. She sat me in her office and went outdoors as I was feeling hot outside. I go out after sometime , to see where she was and I find her having a full on lunch with her colleagues . Fine by me as I am a vegetarian, but I thought that was a very inhospitable , inconsiderate act, especially , when I had bought her a big breakfast at the hotel that morning and , not had anything myself due to the time difference from England and had said that it would be afternoon lunch time would I get hungry for breakfast and we could have a proper meal together. She took me to see her parents. They said hello, and then continued watching their tv program again. I found that extremely rude, since, I was a guest at their home visiting them and had brought them not only gifts from England , but the gifts of goodies, which I had ended up paying for thanks to their daughter. Needless to say , I kept it very pleasant but the very next morning, checked out of my hotel room , making an excuse to this lady that, I had some urgent business to attend back home.
    Third lady. she came to the airport with a friend to meet me. Insisted that she really likes me and want to spend all the time she can with me. I told her I had 4 days before I fly out. She had come with a friend and insisted that I book two rooms in a hotel so that her friend can chaperone her with me. Then , later I had to go with her and her friend to pick up her friend’s children from school. So I booked a car for that and later they all wanted to go out for a meal, which we did, then her friend wanted her children to accompany them to the hotel, they all played around, she had little time for me. Next day , after dropping her friend and her children , in a 4 hr round trip taxi journey again, she wanted to go shopping also, again buying things expecting me to pay which I know that she could not afford. Later at the hotel she made up a story that there was a hair straightener her friend had forgotten and she needed to go back to return it to her. I asked her if she wanted to go back to her friend and see me when / if I visit the following month. She said that she would love to do that and that she really liked me. So , I arranged for a taxi to drop her back and gave her another thousand Baht cash to cover a day’s lost wages which she readily excepted. All this after no less than 8000 baht spent on hotels, food , shopping and transport in 36 hrs.
    I was so upset with the three experiences where these women , just wanted a holiday and a shopping spree and took little interest in the fact that they were the ones who contacted me with a view of a serious relationship and yet did not even have the decency to meet somebody for the expressed purpose, especially when somebody had spent time and money and made a genuine effort to meet them, rather than somebody who is nothing like their profile and is a sex predator, that I booked a new flight the very moment and flew out of Thailand and did not bother meeting the other three women I was supposed to meet. Because I became prejudiced.

    Upon my return, I still feel bad for standing the other ladies up, but then I am positive that they would have been no different.
    I found , everywhere in Thailand, be it restaurants with touts outside or little shops all trying to rip you out of cash, if where they can.
    Only place , I felt the honesty of the Thai culture was where I had this mature lady , asking me to try her foot massage for 200 Baht, and she did not stop or take rest for a complete hour and I could tell that although she was getting paid for it , she did it with great pride and dedication so that I could experience the benefit of her skills.
    My prejudice apart, I am still interested in finding a Thai wife, since, I believe that in this part of the world , women still desire a family life and are loyal towards their partner, or is it just a myth and most are just looking for a free holiday and shopping spree or is it that so many “farangs” have lied to Thai women that they too have become prejudiced towards all men from abroad and just are not serious other than a few days of fun, when they are not working, looking for a free ride.
    Please, pardon me as in seeking this advice, if I may have offended you or the Thai culture in anyway , as that is not my intent. I merely have stated the facts based upon my personal experience.
    By the way, I am a nice looking handsome fellow and if I was just looking for sex, I could have a new girl every night of the week , here in England, if that is all I was after.Many thanks.

  6. salutation

    i’m michael ahuka .i live DRCongo,south -kivu region .so i have thirty five years old and i need to have girl friend whom we cant share life and hope live togethert ,
    hope to read you soon as possible,

    michael ahuka.

  7. Jim

    Hi Jay
    You have been unlucky. Sure there are many girls like this, you will also find girls that are completely honest and never ask for money too.

    I looked for a girl and found one like you and fell in love but she asked for money all the tiome. After this I found 2 honest girls that had never worked in a bar, never asked me money for the one year I know them. One was in sweden and the other one had its own business in BKK. They were good honest girls. Typical Thais. Almost saying sorry even they didnt do anything wrong. And very loving and caring.
    But unfortunately for them I didnt find the real love in my heart for them. I just liked them very much and I broke their hearts after about 1 year with each one, telling them that I didnt feel it was real love.

    Finally I found a girl in a shopping center. She was selling t-shirts and lovely. We send text sms for some month, I visited her 3-4 times and she didnt ask me for money. Of course i paid whenh we went out to restaurent. her salary was 7.000 bath per month and with commission from sales maybe 10.000, så she didnt have much money. But she could support her self.
    Now she have visited me in my country 4 times and Im sure I will merry her.
    She is very caring and will do anything for me. And now I will do for her. I know her 10 month before i gave her money the first time to help her, becoz she loose her job as she went to me 3 times and stayed long time.

    I wish you good luck.

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