Here are some testimonials from people who I have consulted for:


Dean HopkinsAlthough of course I might seem to be biased because I am Angella’s husband and partner I think as a Western man it is quite appropriate to say something about her here because I have seen her consult with many people about relationships both Asian and Western, as well as how she has been the most amazing woman and partner in our own relationship.

What I can tell you is that Angella is a very special and  caring person who loves to help people. Her expertise, perception and intuition with people and matters of the heart is quite honestly truly remarkable. At times I can only stand in amazement  at the way she just seems to have a knowing about people and situations and I have been witness to this many many times.

From my own knowledge about these matters I know she has a very strong connection with her own intuition and at times seems to have an almost clairsentient or emphatic ability.

She is also very honest, loyal, trustworthy and ethical and has a natural gift for not only making people feel comfortable and welcome but motivated and inspired. She has a great deal of empathy with people and is able to deliver sensitive information and ideas in a direct but soft way. This makes her an excellent consultant and advisor for relationship matters.

Dean Hopkins

Writer and Interior Design Consultant

Interior Designers Perth

Self Help Junkie


Hi Angella,

I would like to thank you very sincerely for all the help and advice you gave me when I met a girl on a visit to the north of Thailand earlier this year.

I went on a ‘night out with the boys’ at a local hotel restaurant and started to talk to the Maitre d (through a person who could speak Thai because she could not speak English), a stunningly beautiful Thai girl only 24-years-old. Although I was old enough to be her father, we got on very well indeed and I visited the same restaurant the next night at her request and went with her to a local disco when she finished work at 12 midnight. We had to part about 3am and I had to leave to go to Phuket the following day and then back to Australia a couple of days later. We texted each other constantly in that time but only a few words at a time.

I was heartbroken and I needed to contact her again but it was useless me telephoning her because she would not have understood. She had no knowledge of computers and e-mail so that line of communication was out. I then found you, Angella, and I was really happy to discover how friendly and understanding you were to my situation. The fact that you were in Thailand at the time was also a bonus. You communicated with Jo constantly for me and conveyed messages back and forth for us.

From the conversations you had with Jo and the good advice you gave me about the possibility of Jo and I having a future together enabled me to make a decision which I think was ultimately the right one for both Jo and I.

Again, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you and I appreciate the help and advice you gave me. I am sure with your knowledge and experience, you will help a lot more men in a similar situation to me in the future.

Kind Regards,

Tony Warton.

Western Australia


When my friend has a problem about her family,
I can give her some suggestions to solve that problem.
But sometimes when I had the same problem,
I could not find a solution for myself.
After I met Angella, she gave me an idea ,just a simple way,
For example..” forgive,forget and keep positive thinking” ..
but it was very hard for me to do at that moment…..
However I try to do my best  following  her idea,
and so far everthing with me is fine and my family is happy again.
Thank you so much Angella for your kind relationship,



In the many years I have been involved in personal development, both as a client and a teacher, I have met many many amazing people, leaders and teachers. There is one person who without any doubt, stands head and shoulders above them all, and that is ….. Angella.

“In Angella’s presence, you have absolutely no choice,

but to open your heart and mind.”

There is nothing complicated about Angella’s advice, it is pure & simple wisdom and it flows from her heart. There are times when, despite my experience, I got lost & could not find answers for myself. I asked Angella and with a few simple words from her everything becomes clear.

I feel truly blessed to have met Angella & I can confidently state that without any doubt, Angella is a true master. She is the essence of love and wisdom and when she speaks to you, you absolutely know that she is talking from her heart.

Rob Collins

Perth, West Australia

Personal Development Coach. Health & wellbeing Advisor & Director of Quantum Planet.