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Huang Parn-หวง ปาน ธนพร

parn album สัญชาติญาณหญิง

    Huang Parn -หวง ปาน ธนพร (Jealous) ไม่เคยร้อน ไม่เคยร้าย เรียกยังไงก็ไม่พาล mai koie ron mai koie raai riak yang ngai gor mai paan Never hot-tempered, never evil, whatever you called me, I would also not quarrel. ไม่รังแก ไม่ระราน แล้วให้มันแล้วไป mai rang gae mai ra-raan laew hai man laew bpai Don’t pick on others, don’t bully, …

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Understanding jealousy


In this post I am going to talk about the subject of jealousy and Thai women in some more depth.

Before I do let’s understand and be clear that jealousy is an emotion that affects everyone not just Thai women. As the Thai Girlfriend Advisor though it is my job to talk about it from a Thai perspective and I do admit that Thai women are prone to jealousy for some cultural reasons which I have raised in another post and will refer to in this post.