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The History of  Thai New Year or  Songkran Festival

In ancient times has. Songkran Festival is held on the new year. Because the country is considered the torrid start time .as summer is the best time. With free from. Farming.

Also, cold weather is past. With the winter is over so that all other stops, whether the tree is stopped bloom. All animals. It stationary bed hermitage. With the cold weather is not easy in life. Or growth of living things all day, sure enough, it is the Songkran Festival. The New Year in hot countries. Unlike the countries discussed in the winter on New Year’s Day message to all the Songkran Festival is 3 days together are.

On 13 April Mhasgkrants. Day or New Year’s Eve means a big step up grilled or Songkran is the year that orbit the sun into Aries. A major cleaning day. Cleansing the body. And hearts to clean. Start playing a splash on the first day.

14 days on medium or Wannena means is located on the next day from day 1 Mhasgkrants the sun into the Ram already. A day that typically has many local activities such as play. Kntraiekgawand. J. King make good soup. Songkran Festival parade. The cultural and entertain other play … splash traditional Thai often play this very special day.

And on April 15 is New Year’s day means the day the new era. Is put on merits welcome the new year. Emissions released birds, fish. The charity dedicated to fathers who passed away. The water Dmhaw adult.
The man who for. People respect. To ask for forgiveness and cry b hat to the new year is similar to the glory of New Life and provide a clean priest Buddha is also honorable national importance. .. Today also played the same splash. But in the legend of the Songkran Festival, as well as related traditions. Songkran is always with her. Evidence has shown in the main stone inscription of Wat Ram Praechtupn stainless perhaps Clarke.

Songkran Festival activities.

1. Beneficence to put the fate of life.
2. Let the birds leave the fish. Thai people believe that emissions are released birds, fish. Considered and forgiveness.
Payment is sin in their creator. Also, make misfortune to occur out.
3. Largesse to the poor, such as disabled children, orphans, elderly, etc..
4. Bathe Buddha. Clean and novice monks.
5. The water prayer adults and adults, including parents, relatives, people with kindness. Adults in the water.
Songkran Festival with need. To ask pardon what may be harassment in some adults, including a prayer for.
A fortune and to remind their own ideas. Also, to show gratitude to those obliged to have.
King, you are also watering tradition has ancient. Demonstrating gratitude.
Appreciative of the child to the parent or other adult relatives and a prayer by parents relatives.
Adults to a fortune in the New Year.
6. Play splash. This tradition is considered a symbol of the Songkran Festival ever. By Day Celebration.
Songkran is a summer tradition started by the pour water. And water relative to adults.
Play douse them popular among the young. Splash water used to put together the fragrance, but Ngmab today.
This is a good tradition to fade over time and era. There are currently spraying with water.
Violence and have different equipment to use in play with more splatter.


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