She’s a good Thailand girl‘ is something you hear a lot…

The title of this post makes me laugh I must be honest. Why? because it is a phrase you hear many Farang using..I think sometimes to try and persuade people the Thailand girl they have on their arm is not a bar girl. But you know sometimes I actually wonder who they are really trying to persuade..sorry if that sound’s to hard and direct but I feel it’s the truth…jing!.

So good Thailand girls where are they?

Well to make you laugh I was recently in Pattaya! I had not been there for many years after the last seminar at Jomtien and so was curious to have a look now that I am writing this blog. I also wanted to take Dean there so he could witness it first hand for himself also.

So do I really need to explain anything here about Pattaya? Well let me tell you that Dean made the remark..” How can anyone be confused about the girls here”.. I had to laugh at that. It does amaze me how many stories I hear about Farang men who get involved with the girls there and then wonder why they end up in the mess they do….as Dean said…What was it they were confused about exactly?

Needless to say then that you will have a hard time finding any Good Thailand girl there. But look I am not saying don’t go there..just be clear on what to expect and don’t be stupid!! To them you are business and they will tell you whatever you want to hear and this is far different from “Greng Jai”.

No the truth is if you want to find Good Thai girls then you will have to get into the real Thai lifestyle. You see good Thailand girls will be in the same places that Good Western girls will be in your own countries..normal life, work, supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurants and normal everyday places like that.

Just think about where you are and what type of Thai girl you should expect to find there!

Recently I was in one of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok..Pathe restaurant. Now here is a place where normal Thai people go…you do get the occasional Farang as well as there was that night. Sitting at a table was a Farang man around early 30′s with a girl about the same age…so perfect not too much age gap for a start. The girl I could tell was a Good Thailand Girl. Certainly from Bangkok because you can tell from her tone, clothes, body language…and these are the real pointers that tell you what type of girl you are dealing with. Not the high heeled short skirt and heavy make up you so often see on the arms of Farang. She was a Good Thai Girl but not easy to get to meet which is the problem sometimes and I do understand that. You have to be creative sometimes is what I can tell you…but just keep it genuine.

The thing is Good Thai girls dont always have any thoughts about Farang men. They dont really know too much about Farang and western culture like that. This was confirmed to me last year when I was on a Thai package tour to vietnam. Out of the 30 people on that tour there was around 7 or 8 single Thai girls..all around the 30 age bracket and all normal good Thailand girls. Sadly though I can’t help wondering if the fact they do not look like the girls you see in Pattaya makes them less attractive to Farang.

What good Thai girls worry about with Farang is communication

I got a chance to talk to them and find out what they think about Western men and why they are still single because I can say they are all good looking and some very pretty…what they told me was they do not really think about Farang as a boyfriend but are not against it either but what they worry about is communication. How to talk is what they all seem to be concerned with as many of them don’t speak good English. This is interesting because we all know how important communication is in any relationship.

So here is a problem because most Farang don’t speak Thai…at least not more than a few words and so this is one reason why it is not easy to get to know a good Thailand girl. One thing I do like to recommend to western men who are thinking of finding a Thai Girlfriend is to learn to speak a little bit of Thai…just ‘nid noi’….you will be surprised how impressed thai’s will be with that.

So to find a good Thailand girl….just mix into real Thai culture and lifestyle and give the all night Pattaya bars a miss for a while.


Chok Dee for now



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