Intercultural and Social commenter

I am really excited to add a new column to this website “ Intercultural and Social Commenter“. I am especially pleased to be able to introduce the author of this column…he is a great author, Music writer and a  social commenter, his perspective is very interesting and sometimes his comments seem strong, direct and to the point without fear. But in fact he is like a mirror to reflect intercultural and social life, share  his perspective and experiences.

His name is Dean Hopkins and he is my partner. The purpose of this column is to share real life experiences with you about intercultural relationships, both sides……good and bad and to share useful viewpoints.

Value in sharing and learning from different culture,

different society, different religion , different belief and different perspective.

“Reserved different and Seeking a harmony”

I know you will enjoy and be entertained with Dean’s writing and the experiences and ideas he will share with you.

With Love, Hope and Solutions



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