With this post I want to talk about some of the reasons Farang men end up with a bad Thai Girlfriend and it may not be quite what you are thinking.

Now I must warn you before you read this post because I will touch on some deep and sensitive issues about not just why western men get a bad Thai girlfriend but something deeper about the human psychology involved in that….. and it may touch a nerve or two!

Now just let me say that some of you may find this difficult to read…..but my purpose is not to hurt or upset you. My purpose is to help you see that what has happened to you also has reasons within you. And I want to help you face it accept it understand it and then move on from it to a better place…a place where you may finally find real love but at the very least a sense of release within yourself.

Many of you reading this may have had a relationship with a Thai girlfriend and have had a bad experience

You see I don’t like to upset people or argue with negative thinking and attitudes but sometimes to help ourselves we first must face some truth about ourselves and that is not always comfortable. Many of you reading this may have had a relationship with a Thai girlfriend and have had a bad experience, some of you may have even been married and it all ended badly. Some of you maybe just thinking about getting a Thai girlfriend or just starting a relationship with a Thai girl and in that case I want you to be clear on what you are getting involved with.

Now its up to you if you choose to ignore or dismiss these things….if you do then it means you will just continue with how things are. But if you want to move on finally..if you want to release yourself from your own pain, sadness, bitterness or even anger then just have a little faith and belief and think about what I say here.


There is nobody just controlling your life and making decisions for you without you having anything to do with it

You see to change anything about our life we must first change our thinking because what we are is in fact what we think. Life does not just happen to us……..there is nobody just controlling your life and making decisions for you without you having anything to do with it. We all create the life we live, whether consciously or subconsciously.

So  let me ask you how do you think you came to attract this situation into your life? What do you think caused this to happen to you?

What would you say if the answer is You!

Maybe you believe it was just bad luck but do you really want to believe it was just bad luck…..wouldn’t that just be an easy excuse to not take responsibility for your own actions? Think about this for a moment…When you create something good in your life you like to feel good about yourself…you like to tell people what a great decision you made and you feel proud to tell….but nobody likes to admit they made a mistake do they? We don’t like to admit that at all.

Can you really just blame Thai women? Did anyone force you to get involved with her?

So if you went to Thailand and met a Thai girl and she turned out to be not the love of your life after all and just a cheap bar girl, or even not a bar girl but just someone who was not really genuine who do you think is really to blame. Can you really just blame Thai women? Did anyone force you to get involved with that woman. What did you go to Thailand for in the first place and where did you go to meet that kind of woman. And if you have only been dealing with your Thai girlfriend online then how much do you really know about her and did you bother to find out?

You see we often only want to believe what we want to believe and see what we want to see. Maybe you, just like many western men really fell in love with the mystical and exotic Thai look and dream of having a young and beautiful Thai girlfriend who can become your wife and soulmate. You know that is hard to find in the West and so when you have the opportunity you just cannot help yourself. Or maybe you went to Thailand for some fun and love so easy with a Thai girl. But how can you tell what type of girl she really is? Maybe you don’t want to believe she is a bad Thai girl and so you choose not to see it, even though it is in fact quite clear what she is and what she wants from you.

I have seen this so many times Farang men get a Thai Girlfriend or a Thai wife and she does not turn out to be genuine or their soul mate and they then complain afterwards about all Thai women being bad.   

I have also even heard many talk about Buddhism and how can these their Thai girlfriends do that to us when it is supposed to be a Buddhist country? Well the truth is that before you ask that question you must first understand Buddhism properly. Buddhism is not about avoiding pain and suffering. Buddhism is about acceptance of pain and suffering and the ability to rise above it, to transcend it. Being Thai also does not automatic make you a good Buddhist either.

Someone very close to me said this recently and I want to share it with you:

He said when the western man stands up and says “look I went to Thailand with having a bit of fun in my mind. The girls are so pretty and sure I fell easy for one. I know what they say but I couldn’t help myself and my ego got the better of me. I thought she might change or something. I spent all my cash on her and she asked for more, which I kept giving her because she was so nice. Basically I messed up and let my desire rule my brain and now I learned my lesson. I can’t blame Thai women because it was really down to me” When that man stands up I will shake his hand and say well done mate I think now you might be ready to find a good woman.

This is a very direct perspective and you might guess he is western…haha..no greng jai there but I do agree with it because it is about taking responsibility for your actions. Not hiding from the truth and trying to blame mistakes on other things or people. Yes others are involved but we all have choice and to believe you have no choice only makes you a victim of yourself.

so my friends I will leave you with that now. I want you just to think about that for a while. I will follow up on this post soon but for now I think it says enough. I sincerely hope that if you have a Thai Girlfriend or are thinking about one or have one online although sensitive this post will help you in the long run.



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