This excellent 3 short video series called ” Road map to a successful Intercultural relationship” features Sue from PMTV talking to a Thai woman and French man who have a successful Intercultural relationship and use German language to communicate…amazing!

Especially look out for Video #3 where the man talks about respecting Thai Culture, accepting and celebrating our differences and not trying to change each other …Very Interesting!!!

Part 2

Part 3

I particularly liked the comments the man made about respecting Thai Culture and Thai people and accepting and in fact celebrating our differences. I also loved what he said about ‘ not trying to change each other‘ as I believe this really is an important part in any relationship and especially in a Intercultural one between a Thai woman and Western man.

I hope you enjoyed these videos and thankyou so much Sue and PMTV for sharing with us…..and don’t forget to tell me what you thought of them also, just leave a comment below.


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