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Thai Culture – Why we “Wai” a lot…

Thai wai and why we wai alot, Thai girlfriend

One of the things about our Thai culture that I know can seem confusing to many Westerners (Farang) when they spend some time in Thailand is our practice of “Wai”



What do successful Thai/Farang relationships do that the failures don’t

re-success- unsuccess relationships

It’s no secret that many relationships between Farang men and Thai women fail. Some fail before marriage and some fail soon after marriage



Angella takes Dean to Tam Buhn with Master Monk “Luang Phor Jarun”

Lung Poh Jaran

I thought I would add this post here as it is a very positive article about the experiences I have had with the practice of Tam Buhn in Thailand. I have had a few experiences now and I feel that as a Western man married to a Thai woman I should show respect for her culture and gain an understanding of it to help me in our relationship, so here is one experience I have had.

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