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Trust & Honesty from a Thai perspective – ThailandMusings.ThaiVisa Column

This article on my weekly column at ThailandMusings.ThaiVisa talks about “Trust and Honesty from a Thai perspective” and uses a simple story about Mr Chokdee to illustrate how Thai culture can be very complex.

The article raises many questions and is not meant to answer them all, I just want to show Western people a condition that happens in our society as it is one of the cause of many issues with Thai people but this is our culture and what we are used to it., maybe it seem strange for western and we may not support or agree with it but we do have to live with it.

There are many interesting reactions to this post in the comments section and I think this helps us see the different perspectives from different cultures.

Enjoy the post here:

Trust & Honesty from a Thai perspective

Sawasdee and Kop kuhn ka


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Follow my column “Angella Talks” at Thailand Musings

Sawasdee Ka friends,

Recently I was asked to write a regular column called “Angella Talks” at a very popular quality website called Thailand Musings run by my lovely friend Steve and Golf ( also a Thai woman and Farang guy relationships).

I am so pleased to be able to do this and share my insights and advice on Intercultural relationships and I have really enjoyed the comments and feedback I receive there and so I thought it would be nice to share this with my readers here at Thai Girlfriend Advisor so you can also benefit.

So each week I will update this post with a link and short description to my newest column:

Column #1 is hereLook after love

This is a post about the high rates of divorce between Farang men and Thai women and the difference between Western countries and Thailand when it comes to divorce.

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