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  1. Jimmy says:

    This is a good article. but this lady is an accountant with a university degree and has a day job and two kids. I have been stunned to find that she is a complete 180 degrees from the conservative ‘shy’ as she calls herself Thai lady. How do you explain that.

  2. Angella says:

    Hi Jimmy, thankyou for your comment and question. If I understand what you mean correctly what I think is this sound like a personality issue more than a Thai, although I do not know all details so cannot tell for sure. A good Thai girl from good family with good job and life can still have difficulty to control emotion and ego and this also does not matter if you are Thai or Farang. Her problem may be something deeper in subconscious, maybe from childhood or something and her reactions come out in certain ways to certain things.
    All the best,


    1. Jimmy says:

      Hi Angella,

      That is exactly what happened. She later told me about ongoing child abuse in her life, including a sister who had a serious accident as a lttle girl and she was foreced to care for her sister all of her life. We finally we seperate ways. her self esteem is just so low and she is really a sweet lady. I wished her the best.

      1. Angella says:

        Yes Jimmy, this is often the sad story we hear about ka, Angella

  3. toby says:

    Keep up the good work!

  4. toby says:

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    1. Angella says:

      Ok Toby, no problem I will allow this link to your site, Please your work sincere and Chok Dee. Angella

  5. Omar Zaid, M.D. says:

    Hello Angella et alia.,

    I once worked in Bangkok near the Sukumvit flesh markets, and on occasion, I’d sit for a drink and listen to some oldies and a lady bar. On one of these sorties, a good looking thai bar girl approached me and offered a complete service, upon which I replied (based on prior experience) that I was not a “Buffalo” … whereupon she was shocked and then said “How you know about Buffalo?” After a brief explanation, she then said: “… when you sit here, what you expect us to think.” and then went on another hunting expidition.

    The moral of the story is exactly what Angella is talking about; it is next to impossible to buy anything but trouble when you get hooked up with bar-girls — even if they are there against their will. They are damaged goods. You get what you pay for, and yes, love cannot be maintained without sustenance and that takes work and money; so don’t go gettin all BS romantic on me.


    dr o

  6. Mike says:

    very true and genuine advice for a western man looking for good type of thai ladies. Excellent article.

  7. bob says:

    Are you all being unfair?. Many ‘good’ Thai girls work in bars out of pure economic necessity. I am sure that had these girls been given the opportunities that farang girls get, then 99% would not be anywhere near the bars they now work in.

    Many of the girls who find themselves in that position are still good girls, and still deserve an opportunity in life. They have suffered enough knocks through lack of education, povery etc. To write them all off as bad, or not ‘good’ is most unfair.

    However, I would also have to acknowledge that this is not the case with all girls. Some are simply awful, however you look at it. But then that is the case in Europe, USA, Australia, .. all over the world

    1. Angella says:

      Sawasdee ka Bob, thankyou for you comment and yes what you say is true…Thankyou for sharing, Angella

  8. Jimmy says:

    Hey doc,

    Good for you. You got it my man! As we say at home ‘if you don’t want to get burned, stay out of the ktichen’…BTW what is a Buffalo? I know what a butterfly is but this is first time for me to hear that expression.


  9. Jimmy says:

    The only one thing I disagree with you about is I do not believe they are ‘damaged goods’ although I understand why you say that and I do not take an issue with you.

    I think they are victims of economic and political turmoil and as such find themselves in a position where choices are fewer than opportunities. God bless them all.

  10. Geoff says:

    My first Thai wife came from Pattaya….the second from Makro. Need I say more. lol

  11. abdul says:

    thanks angila for reply hope i want share some informationabout thai real women I APPRICITE U

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