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Welcome to Thai Girlfriend Advisor

Angella Thai Girlfriend Advisor

Sawasdee ka…..let me start by saying it is my passion to make people feel better about themselves and to promote love and kindness and make the world a better place to be in. For me love is a precious and pure thing and so not surprising I also have a passion to help people in their relationships.

This website is about relationships between Thai women and western men ( Farang) and it’s purpose is to provide helpful information and advice from the perspective of a Thai woman which I feel is lacking in this field.

My job is often to help Farang men recognize the more sincere and genuine Thai women!

I also want to show how Thai culture affects relationships between Farang and Thai women. Much of the information out there on this subject is only from a western perspective and is sadly very negative. However I understand also the reasons for this and I am not condoning the behavior of some of our Thai women but I want to balance the scales and show that this is not the majority either.

I didn’t set out to do this but for some reason many people over the years seem to want my advice or opinion on their relationships. Especially in difficult times.

I don’t pretend to be any kind of professional counselor or Guru but I do believe I have a natural gift for providing unbiased and insightful perspectives and advice that really seems to help people. “Simple Truths” as a dear friend of mine once said.

All I can tell you is  I believe strongly that if I have been given this kind of ability then it is my duty to use it for good purpose.

So what tools do I use to help people?

Well obviously first and most importantly I am Thai. I grew up with Thai Culture, I live with Thai style so I understand the subtle meaning of parts of Thai culture which often seems to complicated for other cultures to see and understand.

Also I often get a feeling or a sixth sense about things, about people and life situations, especially with relationships…I cannot really explain why but I know you might call it intuition, natural flair or empathy.

Buddhism symbol

I have studied and practice  Buddhism, Burmese Astrology under a great Master as well as Feng Shui and although I do not base my work exclusively on using this it is the combination of this knowledge, my intuition, my constant fascination with Personal Development and the experiences of my life that I use to help people.

Burmese Astrology chart

All you need is to be open and have a little faith.

So with my interest and fascination with other cultures and the West and now being married to a Westerner it seems natural for me to use what I can to help bring our East and West cultures together with more peace and harmony allowing the good sides of our cultures to create positive value in the world and help Intercultural marriages between West and Thai flourish and grow.

So with this website Thai Girlfriend Advisor I aim to build plenty of great content full of advice, information and perspectives about relationships between Thai and West as well as Cultural insights to help Westerners understand Thai people better and improve relationships.

I consult purely online and by email …please check here for my very reasonable costs: Thai Girlfriend Advisor Costs

Above all else please enjoy the Thai Girlfriend Advisor website and Good Luck with your relationship.

Chok Dee….and kind wishes to all..kop kuhn ka


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  1. That’s a smart way of lokiong at the world.

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