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Latest Column on Angella Talks – What effect does age difference have on a relationship

Age differences in relationships are always a hot topic and especially between Thai women and Western men.

Hi and Sawaddee ka

Here is my latest column over at Thailand Musings where I talk a little about this subject. there are also some interesting comments from readers about it too.

You can read my column here

Hope you enjoy and find my column interesting and please feel free to leave a comment.

With love, Hope and Solutions


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Thai Girlfriend to Thai wife – some info on marriage

If you are thinking about making your Thai girlfriend your Thai wife then here are some interesting facts for you to consider.

I have been writing a guest column called “Angella Talks” for my friends Steve and Golf at Thailand Musings and recently I began a post about divorce between Thai women and Farang men and so I thought I would add some information about that subject here as well because I feel it is an important and interesting topic.

You know I talk a lot about what is needed to make an intercultural relationship work, it is one of my passions because I see so many Farang men who have a Thai girlfriend and then decide to marry her and they end up in all sorts of problems due to a lack of understanding of cultures. This is from both sides and is largely what this website is about because it makes me sad when I hear the horror stories about Thai girlfriends and Thai wives and their Farang husbands.

For example recently I read about 2 stories of Farang trying to commit suicide because of their Thai wife leaving them, one was a Swedish man and one was an Australian man and both of these incidents happened in Thailand.

I also found out some interesting statistics that show marriages between Thai and Farang are rising at about 10% every year and have been for the past 10 or 15 years in fact. This is positive news I think, even though the statistics also show that about 6% of divorces are intercultural marriages.

The statistics for divorce worldwide are quite  shocking really with the US at nearly 50% divorce rate for all marriages. Thailand at this stage is down the list at around 6% but………we have to be careful because this statistic is only for registered marriages and many Thai marriages are not registered at a district office…something I will talk more about in future post.

As I have said before I believe the divorce rates between Thai and Farang can be helped by having a better understanding between our cultures and taking more preventative approaches, something which I really hope this website and my service can help with.

So remember if you are considering having a Thai wife then try to get a good understanding first of how the cultural difference will affect the relationship, keep coming to this website for more information and tips and celebrate your differences.

Read a step by step process for getting married in Thailand if you are Australian and want to marry your Thai girlfriend: Australian and Thai Girlfriend marriage- Step by Step process for a legal Thai marriage


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Loy Krathong Festival

One of the most beautiful festivals that takes place in Thailand is the one for Loy Krathong.

The Loy Krathong Festival is celebrated on the full moon of the 12th month according to the Thai Lunar Calendar. For Western this means in November.It is held at the end of the year because Thai people believe that floating a raft on the river is to honor and pay respect to the Goddess of Water and to apologize to the Goddess for the bad things we have done to the river during the past year.

What is Loy Krathong ? The word loy means to float, and a krathong is a banana leaf cup. People place a candle and incense sticks in their krathongs and then float them on a local river or pond. As they push away their krathong, they ask for forgiveness in polluting the waterways and also for good luck in the coming months.

‘Many Thai believe that floating a raft will bring good luck’

Where did the idea for Loy Krathong come from?

The origins of Loy Krathong are stated to be in Sukhothai, but recently scholars have argued that it is in fact an invention from the Bangkok period. According to the writings of H.M. King Rama IV in 1863, the originally Brahmanical festival was adapted by Buddhists in Thailand as a ceremony to honour the original Buddha, Siddhartha Guatama

There are often also beauty contests that accompany the Loy Krathong festival known as “Noppamas Queen Contests”. According to legend, Noppamas was a consort of the Sukothai king Loethai (14th century) and she was the first to float a decorated raft.

Enjoy some music videos about Loy Krathong

For more Thai Festivals go to Amazing Thailand Festivals in the Land of Smiles


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Wayne Rooney, Rooney wife, the England Jolly boys and the “Land of smiles”

So what is all this fuss about Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney’s wife and Thailand?

Well first off I must say I am already planning to be in Thailand next year in I have my ticket all lined up..why!! well because I am English of course ( even though I have lived in Australia for 20 years and am in fact an australian Citizien I was born in england and lived there until 24yrs old) and so if the reports coming out of the UK are true and the England soccer team (or Football team is what i should say because only aussies and americans call it England it is quite clearly Football!!) are flagged to come to Bangkok and play the Thailand National football team then I for one will be here to see it.
wayne rooney wayne rooney
But amidst all that there seems to be a bigger story about the exploits of a certain Mr Wayne Rooney, who happens to be one of my favorite players actually and plays for the team I follow being Manchester United, and the fact that he will not be able to restrain himself from the charms and desires of a temporary Thai Girlfriend. Yes apparently, according to Rooney’s wife Colleen, Bangkok is the sex capital of the world and it will be like jumping into the frying pan for young Wayne.

Why all the fuss you ask?

Because young Wayne Rooney has recently been exposed as paying for sex with girls in England and so with Bangkok being (apparently) the world centre for pay for sex how will he be able to control himself.
lol, well if all this can be believed and let’s face it how much of the English tabloid press can you really believe, then it does seem there there could be a little misconception about Thailand going on. First of course you have to understand that the English love a scandal, and most of those reading and believing this sort of story won’t have a clue what Thailand is really like! But it is ashame that a country as beautfil as the former Siam can be tagged so easily with one label, which in fact is not true and also when the same can be said of London, Paris, New york and many other major capitals of the world who all have a seedy underbelly to their exisitence.
The UK press love scandal and so do it’s readers, who are very often easily seduced by the negative side of fame and fortune commonly known as “Gossip”.

The real story is though that apparently the England Football squad will arrive in June of next year to play Thailand as part of England’s bid to host the world Cup in….. It also co-incides with the Thai King’s birthday and so the English FA ( Englands football/soccer governing body) has penciled in a trip to the former Siam.

Now you have remember here there are two ways to look at this…There is the tabloid view and the professional football view.

The Football view is that these players, many of whom are among the best in the world and play for some of the top teams in europe are in fact professional footballers and will be representing their country. They will have instructions to behave appropriately and be a good example. Drinking will certainly not be allowed and the prospect of being caught engaging in less than appropriate behavior can result in a loss of place on the England squad, which as every top level footballer will tell you is their ultimate dream goal and not something they would want to throw away.
Then there is the tabloid view of things and that is that these players all in their early and mid twenties, some of whom like the likes of Wayne Rooney are always out for a good time and will run a mock in Bangkok like being on some “Jolly boys ” outing. Indeed it is true that a few of the other players have been involved in some so called scandalous behavior in England..of course always involving women!! So is there any hope that they won’t be able to control their urges and be on a mission to seek out as many Thai bar girls as possible whilst in Bangkok?
Well it is not hard to see which one will sell newspapaers and magazines and be great TV news is it? How hard would it be to get a picture of Wayne rooney or John Terry chatting innocently to some Thai woman and then being able to concoct a whole sordid story around it? Just watch what happens when the England squad arrives and spot the 100′s of photographers (paparazzi!!) buzzing around then like flies, and you can bet there will some of those flies who will be hiding in bushes, flower pots and tuk tks trying to get a juicy shot of one of the players engaged in something naughty!!..ho hum..such is the English way!!
The sad part of this is that Thailand and Bangkok will be the injured innocent party with their beautiful culture and country tarnished by misconceptions and manipulations fuelled by tabloid greed and English ignorance”

So there you have it…the perspective of an Englishman who spends much time in Thailand.
See you in June then!!
Intercultural and Social Commenter


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