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Latest Column on Angella Talks – What effect does age difference have on a relationship

Age differences in relationships are always a hot topic and especially between Thai women and Western men.

Hi and Sawaddee ka

Here is my latest column over at Thailand Musings where I talk a little about this subject. there are also some interesting comments from readers about it too.

You can read my column here

Hope you enjoy and find my column interesting and please feel free to leave a comment.

With love, Hope and Solutions


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  1. Paul

    I just discovered your web site.
    I am 55 and have a Thai girl friend living in Khon Kaen who is 43. We spent 2 weeks together in Thailand 6 months ago. Hope to marry. I am confident our age difference will be no problem at all. She is a wonderful human being.

    • Hi Paul and Many congratulations on your relationship and also your very positive attitude, that will certainly help you. Your age difference is not that great and so I agree I think you should have no problem, for me anything up to 10 years and especially when over 40 is fine and in my experience these are the ones that seem to have most success.

      I wish you much love and happiness in your relationship


  2. dulla

    Sawedee Khab Angela,
    I have diffrent case my gf is older then me she’s 32 and i m 30 yrs old and we living in my country,becuse she’s working with me in the same company.we go to thailand every year for vacation to her home town chaing rai

    • Sawasdee ka Dulla. khob khun ka for comment. It sound good that you close in age and share work together too. Chok Dee, Angella

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