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From Miss Thailand to Miss Universe

@..Miss Universe of Thailand  1965 and 1988..@

Thailand has two Thai women who went from being Miss thailand to Miss Universe

..From Miss Thailand to Miss Thailand Universe..

Even though our Thai culture and especially Thai women may seem soft and smiling it does not mean we do not have inner strength and ambition to achieve many good things that the world can notice.

It’s no secret that Thai woman are known for their lovely smile and stunning beauty which is admired all over the world so it may not be a surprise that we have not just one Thai woman but 2 Thai women who went from being Miss Thailand to achieve the highest accolade in the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world…Miss Universe

The Miss Universe competition has been running for 5 decades now having started in 1952, and has been owned by many people finally now by Donald Trump and NBC . The pageant has come a long way, but what has not changed is the ethos the organizers believe in finding the most beautiful lady in the Universe.

1965 Arpadsara Hongsakul


The first Miss Thailand Apassara Hongsakula won Miss Universe 1965

at Miami beach , Florida, USA, July 24,1965

“23 years later A New Thai Woman won Miss Universe again in 1988″

The Second Miss Thailand Porntip Nakhirunkanok Won Miss Universe 1988

at Taipei ,Taiwan 1988

**Miss Universe 1988 –   Miss Thailand Pornthip Nakhirunkanok

1.Miss Korea

2.Miss Mexico

3.Miss Japan

4.Miss HongKong

(Miss Universe in 1988, Interesting!!.. 4 out of The Top 5 were Asian)


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