As The Thai Girlfriend Advisor I get asked to give my review and ideas on how to meet and find your Perfect Thai Love.

My advice to many of you Western men looking for your Thai Love is always to make sure you are clear about what you are looking for. If you are looking for a genuine long term relationship and a view to marriage then make sure you are sincere and clear about that in your approach whether it is online or in person in Thailand. Also you must make sure you look in the right places for the right kind of woman, please read my article about that She’s a good Thailand girl because the chances of finding a sincere girl in bars and clubs is very slim.

So what is my Advice to find a Thai Love?

Well one way is to look online. Maybe I am biased because I met my husband online but I do think it is a good way to find out about people and culture first. If you feel strong towards each other then you can arrange to meet in person and see if it clicks! Yes there are some dangers to be careful of but I always believe those who are honest and genuine have much better chance to attract the same.

Now you can use general social media like Tagged but be careful here because the dangers of meeting the wrong types are increased because it is Free social network and so you do need to be smart but it is one way to start to meet Thai women and chat to them.

My other advice is to use an established Dating Agency like Thai Love Links which is run by Cupid Media a very large company with many different Intercultural dating sites for many different cultures around the world. I have reviewed many sites and have been a member of many of them too, paid and unpaid so I can give you a very good honest opinion of them and for me Thai Love Links I feel is the best one if you are looking for a Thai Love.

If you are skeptical about sites and if they work I can tell you they do because I personally know people who have met each other through this site and have a successful and happy relationship, many are married

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So here is what I think about this site.

What I like about TLL is that it is easy to look at, the text is larger so you don’t have to squint to read it and I just feel it is laid out much nicer than some of the others. I also like the way the site has lots of banners to the side giving advice on how to do things, what to beware of, latest scammer alerts and also prompts and help aimed at Thai women who may not know exactly what to do.

Standard membership let’s you join for free and start looking at photos of Thai women and even send a short message with their standard membership although you cannot communicate with other Free members, this is what I think is good because you know that paid members are going to be more serious and genuine. I must confess, and not to try and sell anything but I always feel that paid members are more serious than Free members.

The Gold membership lets you communicate with all members free and paid as well as allow instant messaging and giving more information on your profile.

The Platinum level membership has video profiles as well as a translation service so you can even get over some of the language difficulties you will face when talking to a Thai woman because many of them will not speak good English.

Of course there are never any guarantees but I do think if you are serious to find your Thai Love then here is a good place to start. You can Find out more by clicking on the Banner above which will take you to the site.

My Final Tips for finding your Perfect Thai Love

As I said at the beginning just make sure you are clear about what you are looking for and the type of partner you want. Be open and genuine, don’t be afraid to share information about yourself. I don’t mean you have to give away important things like bank accounts and stuff like that…lol, but just be open and genuine. So many people hold back information for fear and this is not a good way to start a relationship. If you are using an agency then you have much more safety in showing who you really are.

So good luck in finding your Thai love, Be Positive and Chok Dee..

If you have met someone and think she could be your perfect Thai Love but you are not sure about all the issues with Thai language and Thai culture then I would be happy to advise you. Thai Girlfriend Advice