1. Paul Smith says:

    This is not altogether true. As a lawyer I can tell you her VISA problems can be sorted out quite easily unless she (which I suspect) did something wrong the last time she was in America?

    USA Immigration is among the easiest in the world and to be denied 4 years tells me she broke the rules the last time she was in the USA (overstay?)

    Have your friend contact an immigration lawyer in the USA and I am sure this problem can be solved quickly with the correct documents as evidence

    When you plan your life to meet a foreigner instead of finding real love in any race, this is what can happen.

    Not all foreigners are honest, same as not all Thai girls are honest

    It is human nature and a person needs to understand it is what is inside the person and not the race

  2. Reader Between the Lines says:

    I did read between the above lines.

    Why was it so difficult to just come right back after the first failure? Why did she have to hang around in the U.S. for such a long time like that after that tragedy? I was not a charming move already to fly to visit for the first time and planned to settle down with the guy she just got to know on-line without studying all about him and his life first. In fact, if the first guy had a feeling for her for real, it was for him to make a move to Thailand, to be with her and not the other way around.

    Also, this second guy, if he is not in good health, … invite him to come to Thailand. Medication in Thailand is far less expensive and more reachable for everybody. After all, I think it should be THE MAN who makes the first move, and she should respect herself by not acting like the ‘ordered Asian woman.’ If the two find out they are really in love, they can get married here and fly to the U.S. together as the “spouses” with her marriage visa.

  3. dee says:

    Since when? i’m a thai woman of siam origin, not just an isan girl in the northeast, nor lanna in the north nor malay in the south. siam people, the true ruler who conquerred those lands, live in the central plain. i never want any farang or white man. you are not in my dream. i want a thai man especially of siam origin (central plain). in my office, a farang or a white man is just an employee of the thai business owner like me. a white man is not at all rich, the real rich are a thai businessman. A farang or a white man can only date poor Thai girls or girls with least job opportunity from those conquerred lands of siam or thai girls who are never successful in working life. For example, Thai super stars date only within thai race, never marry out with any farang or white men. Thai girls with farang or white man are still insulted and discriminated against by high social class. because all of these girls from Isan in the northeast are just poor. I don’t understand why you all whitemen are interested in poor Isan girls in the northeast? WE MOCK WHITEMEN WHO ARE NEVER ABLE TO SELECT THE BEST THING FROM OUR COUNTRY, you can just select Isan girls in the northest or girls from other conquerred lands of Siam. Siam people live in the central plain and in the old cities and are the richest and are physically different from other ethics in those conquerred lands. WE MOCK WHITEMEN WHO ARE NEVER ABLE TO SELECT THE BEST THING FROM OUR COUNTRY, just can with isan girls. Northeast isan or north lanna people are just colony and never prove able to conquerred other races and can be just only ruled by other nations in the ancient southeast asia. Siam sacked down khmer Empire..

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