1. Dominic says:

    Thanks for the post. This is an interesting topic because many expats in Thailand are only familiar with the “bar girls” and not ordinary Thai women due to the language barrier. While it may be true that dating or even marrying a bar girl (or bar boy for that matter) could lead to a very insecure relationship, according to some, it does have its advantages. Bar girls tend to be less emotionally attached to their partners, so breaking up is often easier. Ordinary Thais are often much more obsessive once they become attached to their partner, and breaking up with or divorcing a Thai national like this can be very difficult. But I have heard of a case where a bar girl simply asked for a large sum of money after a farang man wanted to end their relationship. Once this was paid, she apparently left without problem.

  2. Thailand thai girls says:

    It is right that Thai Bar Girls are for you to make you feel good and happy. They are for sure there for your good time, they will talk with you, entertain you as well, But it is also true they are just after your money. if you will spend more money you will definitely get back more……..LOLZ

    1. Yanah says:

      If you cannot be tohgteer for your anniversary, then just turn off the webcam and have an affair. How will she find out? ;) NOTE: Do not leave the web cam on the night stand while cheating on your gf. Trust me, unless your gf is into that sort of stuff (and who am i to judge?), then that would not be a good thing =(BUT! If she is into things like that, you should DEFINITELY put the webcam somewhere where she can get a front row seat to the action. Hope this helps! =D

  3. OhWell says:

    Well they are Bar Girls, in any case a bar girl is there to earn money and of course they will entice men into spending money on the booze or what not but that is their job. I fell into the trap myself recently and came to know about this website which reassure me that there is nothing wrong with me. Thanks Dean for this article. Although they may look/sound like a bad person because of their job but some of them actually spend the money they made on the orphans or to support their family, and this make it more difficult for me to accept that our relationship ended so soon. Believe it or not some of them wouldn’t want you to hand her a lump sum of money so she can have a better life sooner. In other words she doesn’t want to owe you anything or getting into a relationship that she didn’t even want to begin with. They are not all bad, just enjoy their companionship.

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