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Thai Culture is where I share lots of information about Thai Culture and traditions. Customs and Rituals in Thailand come from Buddhism, Monarchy as well as the various other cultures that have been absorbed over the years in Thailand, especially Chinese Culture. Understanding and appreciating Thai culture is an important part of a relationship with a Thai woman.


Thai Culture and Greng Jai

“Greng Jai” will leave most Westerners (Known as Farang to Thai people) somewhat confused and not knowing what is right to do or not. When faced with a choice Thai wives ( NOTE Greng Jai is not exclusive to women, it applies to thai men as well…it really is part of Thai character) will not say directly what they want.



Careful with showing affection in public

Thai couple

In the West you will often see couples holding hands and kissing in public with very little restraint sometimes but in Thailand it is a very sensitive part of Thai Culture and in some cases is actually frowned upon.

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