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Dean is an experienced and insightful writer. As well as helping me with editing and of Course English on my posts he provides some great persepctives as a Western man married to a Thai National and also on Thailand


Bangkok is a soft City but here is why

Dean at Chao Phraya river Bangkok

And so far my impressions of Bangkok is that it is a soft City.
Let me clarify that this is a positive thing because



Angella takes Dean to Tam Buhn with Master Monk “Luang Phor Jarun”

Lung Poh Jaran

I thought I would add this post here as it is a very positive article about the experiences I have had with the practice of Tam Buhn in Thailand. I have had a few experiences now and I feel that as a Western man married to a Thai woman I should show respect for her culture and gain an understanding of it to help me in our relationship, so here is one experience I have had.



Wayne Rooney, Rooney wife, the England Jolly boys and the “Land of smiles”


here seems to be a bigger story about the exploits of a certain Mr Wayne Rooney, who happens to be one of my favorite players actually and plays for the team I follow being Manchester United, and the fact that he will not be able to restrain himself from the charms and desires of a temporary Thai Girlfriend



What is the Intercultural and Social Commentor

Dean Intercultural Commentor

What is the Intercultural and Social Commentor?



Puzzling situation with a Thai woman and a group of western women

Am i a stanger...?

I recently witnessed a puzzling situation with a Thai woman who was virtually ignored by a group of western women at a function.

As a social commentator and dealing with Intercultural relationship issues I think is important to comment on this to ask ourselves why this can happen in our culture today.

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