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Dean is an experienced and insightful writer. As well as helping me with editing and of Course English on my posts he provides some great persepctives as a Western man married to a Thai National and also on Thailand


Revolution in Thailand?


Is it really conceivable that we could be on the brink of Revolution in Thailand….The land of Smiles? I am no expert on Politics in Thailand or for that matter any kind of politics but I do have a keen knowledge and sense of history and having spent a lot of time in Thailand and …

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If you keep a crocodile as pet you must understand it’s nature

Crocodile is not a pet

I have seen and heard of many men from the West who get involved with less sincere Thai girls only to complain when they get hurt or tricked out of money. Now I have to write this post as honest as I can and I dont want to upset anyone on purpose but I know that it might.



One reason your Thai girlfriend will spend all your money

This video is a bit of a reality check for Western men who get a Thai girlfriend when they are in Thailand and end up with a bad experience

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