Dear Angella,

First my english is just ok. And I am Regurlar thai woman. I like this web site. I also one of them thai woman who has problems with farang (boyfriend Or Husband)who is staying in Thailand. We have been togehter over 3 years. We got house and apartments for rent business together. ( Near Naiharn Beach,Phuket )

My husband had been with many bar girls before met me. He got me because of he said “I don’t want bar girls”. Nice word when we met.

And after we get together 2 months. One night I took my sister back to my own house in Phuket town I found him at a bar not far from our house. I was siting in my car watching my boyfriend playing,kissing,etc with his ex bar girl for 2-3 hours then I went back home. At that time I was confusing and Felt like Some one puch me really hard on my face.

Anyway he came home about 1.30 am. I was in bed but not sleep. I asked him nicely “Where have you been?” He said “I went to see friend at Sport Bar near our house” LIES

Today I can only tell you short story. I got to go to work soon. I will share my story on this web site more. This is only 2 months after get together.

Best regards,

Antika Chutikul