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Case Study – Online Thai Girlfriend cheats American guy

This case study shows how an online Thai Girlfriend can cheat a man and break his heart.

Although I am Thai I am very aware of how heartless some Thai women can be and how they can easily play cruel and unfair games with some men, especially when the relationship is online and they have never met in person.

Neil lives in the USA and he first came to me with an email saying that for many months he had been having an online relationship with a beautiful Thai girlfriend. They had both said they felt deep love for each other. He had already planned to leave the US and move to Thailand. He wasn’t a rich man but he was now making arrangements to move closer to where his Thai Girlfriend lived near Bangkok.

However he explained that she had recently said she might not have time for a relationship due to an accident her father had and before he even had time to console her the next day he saw she had changed her status on her facebook profile. Neil was confused because he felt they had a genuine relationship, he had seen inside her home on webcam and even her family too so this came as a sudden shock.

She had deleted him from her facebook

Neil then managed to speak to her on skype and she insisted she did not change it and there was no problem between them but then the next day she had deleted him from her facebook. On checking he noticed she was still on her friends facebook, just not his anymore and her status was still set to single. The whole thing seemed so strange and so he tried to translate many messages on her facebook page that she had posted in Thai. In case you don’t know Thai does not translate well into English and he could not really make any sense of it.

So confused and unsure he came for my advice as Thai Girlfriend Advisor


He asked me if I could access her facebook profile to read some comments on there. The problem was he really didn’t want to believe the worst and hoped to God it was just a mistake and a big misunderstanding on his part. With what he had already explained in a few emails I did fear the worst but said little to him about that at this point until I could check.

Sadly the news was not good for Neil

I then screened her facebook profile and sadly the news was not good for Neil. His Thai girlfriend or now ex: Thai girlfriend openly used very low class type language on her profile and joking with her friends revealed that she was getting fed up with the American and would prefer to taste European now.

At first I advised Neil that he should perhaps just wait about his plans for Thailand and try to sort it out, the news was not good for him. Obviously he wanted to know what she had said and so eventually I told him which made me sad because I knew it would hurt Neil. It is so very difficult to tell someone something like that and I really felt Neil was a genuine guy.

Maybe what I told him had saved him in the long run

Neil was quite for many days and did not respond to me again until about a week or so later he wrote to me saying he had broken things off and although it hurt that maybe what I told him had saved him in the long run. He felt he would not love again for some time though!

I can tell you that this is not easy work for me to do because I feel for people when they hurt like that but I hope that I have helped Neil avoid even greater pain and suffering later on had he continued with that relationship. It hurts me to see how some Thai women can be and sometimes I feel like giving up with it all….but I know sometimes helping people is not always comfortable.

In time Neil will heal his heart and hopefully find a genuine Thai woman to love.

So if you are in a relationship with a Thai woman or online relationship and if possible it is worth checking out your Thai girlfriend before you make any serious plans and commitments with her.


No one perfect and don’t think every Thai women are bad or willing to cheat you. But if you feel  confuse or you have an inkling that something not right with your relationship. Remember every problem have solutions and I am always here to consult you if you have any problems like this.

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  1. What kind of professional education and training do you have to be giving relationship advice?

    I have a PhD and a Law degree, married 25 years to a Thai Doctor with grown kids, yet I would never considered giving relationship advice. Neither would my wife.

    It seems to me, you sterotype Thai girls worse than any farangs I know

    All girls in Pattaya are bad?

    I know some Thai girl lawyers there that would dispute your claim as slander

    It appears what started out as an interesting blog has turned into a money making plan by you

    If your experience in relationships is because you found a farang and not professional qualified educated experience you should refrain from trying to sell advice

    Each and every relationship is different and what happens to one person may not necessarily happen the next time

    People get Masters Degrees and PhD to become experts in giving advice

    Keep that in mind before you think you have all the answers to relationship problems

    Dr. Paul Smith

  2. Dean

    Paul, whilst I can understand your perspective having come from a more academic background my self I think over the many years I have traveled and experienced many walks of life your comment might now sound a little bit naive ( and forgive me because I don’t mean to offend you but that is how it reads to me)

    The reason I say this is because if someone has a talent and a passion for something and is even better than those trained in the same thing does that make it wrong to use that talent? Did God stipulate we must have phd before we can use the natural talents we have..I don’t think so! A phd is a piece of paper that man gives himself and has nothing to do with passion, purpose and spirit especially when those are being utilized with good intentions and purpose and there is nothing wrong with making money from providing value in people’s lives!There are many doing exactly that today.

    Don’t you think that what is important in the world today is to support those who have good intention and talent and are willing to put it out there and use it to help people rather than pamper the “tall poppy syndrome” and pull them down without cause. Surely that is not the way to advance our civilization…because it has proved flawed so far!

    To really put this into perspective may I suggest you read the Biography of Abraham Lincoln..!!

    All the best, Dean

  3. How crass! Paul you are nothing but another example of an arrogant farang who wants to control everything. So what if Angella makes money. Who the hell are you. All of your degrees and education and $2.00 will get you on the bus. Oh, let me guess, you have a fancy car so you will never ride a bus, huh? You think you know what’s best.

    So what your wife is a doctor. Do you support Red Shirts, Yellow Shirts or are you afraid to talk about the reality of Thailand. Did you know there is a conflict now near the border with Laos? Thailand is a wonderful country and it is farang like you who now think you know it all. It just proves again that you want to superimpose your western arrogance, and for what?

    What are you looking for reading her blog anyway? Aren’t you happily married? Or are you?

    My first expereince with Thailand was during the VietNam War… remember that? Did it ever occur to you that before that era places like Pattaya did not exist in that manner? I learned a while ago that us farang do not know anything and we need to mind our own business.

    Why don’t you ask her for some advice about how to come down off your high horse and take a reality check. If you do not like the idea that she charges a fee go elsewhere.

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