Hello – Sawasdee ka

I realize you might be wondering why am I able to give advice about your Intercultural relationship, so here is just a little bit about me and why I am able to help you.

“One life can change the world” … Is what I believe.

With Love and Gratitude,

Understanding Asian Cultures

First of all I am a mixed Thai-Chinese woman. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand but my family heritage is Chinese so have had excellent experience growing up with 2 Asian cultures and along with my various travels to other Asian countries I have a very good understanding of various Asian cultures and attitudes. Growing up and living in Bangkok has also enabled me to mix with many different social types and this helps me see points of view from many different perspectives.

Western Culture and My Partner

Since December 2008 to date…I have had the privilidge to learn so much about Western culture by traveling to many Australian States such as Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold coast , Tasmania and Perth. This 6  month trip was an adventure time in my life, hopping solo around Australia and staying with both Thai and Australian host families…

It was a great experience and  I am very appreciative of the kindness shown to me by all the wonderful Host Families……..I will never forget you.

This enabled me to meet some wonderful people and one of  Host Australian families is the owner of AusWAThai website, and has developed strong links between West Australia and Thailand.

‘Angella is a Champion Thai food chef and possesses wonderful social skills. Truth be known Angella was already touring Australia, saw our website, extended her Visa and joined our project to share culture in an Aussie home’

Phillip Smith, AusWAThai website

Today I live my life between Bangkok in Thailand and Perth, Western Australia with my husband Dean. He is from England but has lived in Australia for many years. My relationship with Dean has taught me a great deal about Western culture and men and what it takes to maintain a healthy and successful mixed culture relationship. Our story has inspired thousands of people already on social media and you can learn more about our story and our thoughts on love and relationships at our websiteEast West Romance Online.

I have also many other Western and European countries meeting lots of people which has enabled me to learn so much about  how different cultures view love, relationships and marriage. This valuable experience is what enables me to see both sides of a cultural relationship and where I can help you.

Family Woman

I am the mother of 3 beautiful children.They are a powerful gifts and important for me. Although my first marriage ended some years ago it has taught me much about  relationships both good and bad. I am thankful to my ex husband for 16 years of marriage which gave me valuable experience that made me grow and find a positive way to deal with life’s challenges which has made me the positive woman I am today.

Professional and Business Experience

Motivational Speaker and Trainer

I have been successfully involved in  Network Marketing for many years  and have often given motivational talks to thousands of people, been MC for various corporate events as well as training and managing teams. This has developed my communication skills.

Media and Event Organizer

I have featured on Thai Cable TV as a co presenter for a Make Up program and also Joined Thai Radio as an Announcer  in Perth, WA.


As well as Network Marketing I have run a Furniture manufacturing business with my ex husband for many years and also run my family’s restaurant  as a Promotion and Marketing Manager in Bangkok.

Study and learning


A Bachelor’s Degree of  Management Science from Sukhothai Open University,Bangkok.

“Various Courses of Business ,Marketing and Management.”

Franchise B2B Program at Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce

: New Entrepreneur Creation Course at the University of  Thai chamber of commerce, Bangkok.

Professional Thai Cooking and Thai Restaurant Management at Kasetsart University,Bangkok

:The Profession of Makeup Artist Course from The Makeup Technique Institute,Bangkok

For many years I have had a passion of studying Psychology,Philosophy,Personal Development and various Self Help and Success Strategies.

Spiritual Studies and Belief

I have studied and learnt Burmese Astrology under a master. I do not actively use this for commercial gain but it has proved very useful not only for my own family but also in helping other people also.

I am a practicing Buddhist which means I follow the Buddhist way in modern life and try my best to honor the teachings of Buddha in everything I do. This includes regular meditation.

I also still follow much Chinese traditional belief’s such as Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. I find these are also very useful in helping me in my own life as well as for others.

Life Lessons

Perhaps my most important learning has been the life lessons I have experienced.

Sometimes these have been very painful lessons where I have been close to giving up…… but  my spirit has always been steadfast in telling me  “Don’t Give up! Nothing can make you fail if you not allow” This has given me my strong positive energy, self motivation and passion and purpose for helping others.

With this website and the consultancy service I offer would like to help you in your mixed cultural relationship, whether you are a Western person or Asian person.

Thai Girlfriend Advisor